Saturday, January 31, 2009

ULTA Promotion

ULTA is having a special promotion if you spend $10 or more, you will receive $3.50 off!
Enter the code "22609" in the checkout in order to add this to your purchase.

* Offer valid through 2/7/09 on all regular price, sale and clearance merchandise.
Excludes salon services, fragrance, hair artistry brands, Re:nu, prestige cosmetics including Bare Escentuals, prestige skincare, GoSmile and T3. Cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards. This offer cannot be combined with any other ULTA coupon offers. Not valid on prior purchases. Limit one per customer.

ULTA is having the above promotions as well as many others, visit to check them out and take advantage of these deals!


Make-up removers, drugstore and MAC

I'm laying on my bed eating sweet tarts and watching "The Pursuit of Happyness", I cry every time I watch this movie! It's just so good and Will Smith is my favorite. His little son is such a good little actor, no surprise since his dad is one of the best. If you haven't seen it, do not hesitate any longer.

Anyways, enough irrelevant talk! At the end of the day I pretty much obsess about taking off my foundation primer, foundation, concealer, eye shadow primer, eye shadows, mascara, eye liner, blush, bronzer, lip gloss, and anything else I might have put on. Thinking of all of what I put on my face every day just makes me want to scrub my face for an hour straight before I go to bed. When removing my make-up, I always use wipes/cloths because I find that they are way more efficient in removing everything instead of liquid/cream removers which just leave your face feeling super oily. The other day I picked up two make-up removers, Olay Daily Facials express wipes and Garnier Nutrioniste detoxifying wet cleansing towelettes. Both are pre-moistened and have added benefits to your skin but there is a little difference between the two.

Here are the comparisons.

Olay Daily Facials express wet cleansing clothes
Available at all drugstores
Price: $5.99 for 30 wipes

-Vitamin E (anti-oxident)

-Olay moisture (lightweight formula to replenish your skin's natural moisture leaving it soft and beautiful)

-Suitable for all skin types

-Has a special "lift and lock" texture that locks the dirt/make-up on the cloth instead of back on your face (personally, every wipe i've tried has this "lift and lock" effect)


-Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested


Garnier Nutrioniste detoxifying cleansing towlettes
Available at all drugstores
Price: $5.99 for 25 wipes

-Vitamin E + Grape
Extract (anti-oxident to help detoxify)

-Vitamin B5 (infuses skin with essential moisture to prevent overdrying)

-Green Leaf Extract (naturally soothes and refreshes)

-100% Oil-free

-Non comedogenic (won't clog pores)

-Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested

-Smells AMAZING!

I like using them both and you get pretty good product for what you pay for, my favorite has to be the Garnier Nutrioniste wipes. It seems to have many more benefits for your skin than the Olay. These are both in my opinion the top drugstore brands. They both have resealable stickers on the front package, but usually 15-20 wipes in, the stickiness seems to fade but I just lay them with the face down so it can't open on it's own.

If by chance you are willing to spend a little more, I definitely recommend ($24.50) MAC bulk wipes.

All 3 of these wipes basically do the same job by removing make-up, dirt, smudges, and anything else on your face. I bought these at a Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO) store for $20 I believe, so instead of paying $0.25 per wipe, I paid $0.20 - not a huge deal but if I come across any discounted MAC item, I'm sold. These wipes hydrate and nourish and contain a special MAC cleanser that is infused with vitamin E. It has a re-sealable lid just like the others but it is a little bigger in size, so if you're traveling and need space, I would pick up the 2 others I mentione above. The MAC wipes are made more for home use. After I use my brushes after make-up application, I will quickly clean them with these as well!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some of my favorite products at the moment

Hope In A Jar - Philosophy
Available at: Sephora, philosophy
Price: $15 - 0.5oz, $30 - 2.0oz, $60 - 4oz

I received this from my aunt along with other philosophy products. At first I wasn't too crazy about this, but the more and more I used it, the more I loved it. After using it for a few weeks I could definitely tell a difference in the smoothness in my face that wasn't there beforehand! It is full of antioxidants that helps reduce environmental damage, has plenty of vitamin A and E which help softens and increases the elasticity in the skin. I use this so much that I am almost out, I recommend anyone who has dry skin to use this. I'm a swimmer and the chlorine dries my skin horribly so I use this every time I get out of the pool, if you swim year round on a team or just on your own, pick this up!

Sugar Lip Treatment SPF - Fresh
Available at: Sephora, Fr
Price: $22.50 - 0.15oz

I am EXTREMELY excited to tell you guy's about this product! My lips get really chapped during the winter and I have never found anything that would really work for me. I've spent around $200 on lip treatments in the past year probably, I have a drawer FULL of lip balms that have no effect on my lips at all - such a waste! I try to find SPF when buying make-up, moisturizers, lotions, ANYTHING and I was so happy to find that this has SPF 15. This smells SOO good, it keeps my lips so moisturized and unlike other brands, it stays on for quite a while! I find that I only reapply this only 1-2 times a day which is so much less than what i'm used to. It has vitamins A , C, and E which help keep your lips from drying and so much more. I'm especially loving Vitamin E because it acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect essential fatty acids and prevent cracking of lips. It is a tad pricey at $22.50, I wish they would lower it but we all know that it will NEVER happen! Also, it does tend to melt more than other lip treatments so do NOT keep this in your pockets, keep it in your purse or make-up bag!

Frederic Fekkai Technician Shampoo/Conditioner for Dry, Damaged, Colored-Treated hair
Available at: Sephora, Frederic Fekkai, Nordstrom, ULTA, Fred Segal, Neiman Marcus, Macy's
Price: $23 - 8z, $35 - 16oz, $59 - 32oz (32oz size online only)

I have a confession! I totally admit to printing off pictures from and placing little Frederic Fekkai shampoos/conditioners around my boyfriends house hinting that I wanted these just before he went out Christmas shopping =)! I posted them on his mirror in his bathroom, by his car keys, and on his refrigerator - SO shameful. But on Christmas morning, I opened a box and to my surprise, my "hard work" paid off! I was so happy when I opened these gorgeous peach and pink bottles of amazing-ness. This made my hair so smooth and shiny, it helps to restore moisturizer and at the same time it strengthens every strand. It has apricot, avocado, calendula, and peach which provide extra moisturize and softness. I'm so glad that I have these, I'm not sure if I will buy these when I run out, ONLY because I love trying new products, but I have to say that I am loving these and have awhile before these are gone because I only have to use a little amount of shampoo and conditioner.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little MAC haul

Yesterday I went out with my boyfriend to the mall and saw Defiance starring Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber, it's an AMAZING movie! Go go go see it! Anyways, I went to MAC and got a few things, nothing big or fancy, just a little haul. I'm saving my money for the Hello Kitty collection =). Here they are, please excuse my bad camera, I am now realizing I need a new one haha.

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
This highly pigmented eye color goes on a little creamy but dries a vibrant finish. To me it lasts long and it never creases! I will have to get more colors.

MAC Eye Shadow in Carbon
I think that anyone who has a make-up collection has to have this color. It's such an intense dark matte color. It's PERFECT for a smoky eye!

MAC Dame Edna Lipglass in Splendid
I'm a little confused with this lipglass. On it describes the color as Frosty pale pinky coral, by looking at the swatch they give you it does look like a frosty pale pinky
coral, but when I opened the lipglass and took a look, it looked nothing like the picture online. I did a little swatch myself, to me they look like completely different colors.

To me it looks a little different than MAC's swatch, but I still love the color! Do any of you guy's have this color? Do you notice the same? Let me know if you do!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural
I think I'm more excited about this item than the others. This skinfinish can be used to fix or set foundation or use as a touch-up throughout the day. I used it over my MAC mineralized loose foundation and I absolutely love the ending result. It makes my skin look so clear and gives great coverage for my blemishes but looks very natural at the same time. I wish MAC would add a little mirror but you can't win everything! Fortunately, Fafinettex3 made a tutorial on how to depot your beauty powders so you can put whatever powder you want into a compact with a mirror in it. She's amazing! Go check the tutorial out by clicking here!

Again, all of these products are available at The Dame Edna Lipglass is a limited time item so if you like it, make sure you go and pick it up while it lasts!

Enjoy FREE standard shipping on ANY purchase online for 2 days only January 18-19.
Enter offer code: "2DAY" at checkout.
US and Canadian addresses only.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel - Must Have!

Perfekt Gel
I first used this when I received it as a free sample with my Sephora order - I'm hooked. My daily regimen before I apply my make-up consists of moisturizer, perfekt gel, then my MAC mineralized loose foundation. This gel acts as a low-medium skin perfector, best described as giving you an airbrushed look. After I am done applying my make-up I am in awe! It only takes an extremely small amount to apply all over the face, I'd say the size of a dime or less is more than enough. It's an all-in-one product that consists of vitamins A and E which are essential nutrients for your face, it is also sweat-resistant and water-resistant. The one thing that I loved is that it had NO fragrances. When it comes to face creams/moisturizers/foundation, I absolutely hate when I put it on and all I can smell is the fragrances. Not my favorite, but in the end I am loving this product and would recommend it.

Available in 5 different shades including a translucent for all skin types
Translucent - colorless/for all skin tones
Luminous - very light neutral/for fair skin tones
Radiant - medium beige/for fair to medium skin tones
Rich - warm tan/for the look of healthy tanned skin
Decadent - deep tan/doubles as a bronzer for lighter skintones

-Good product to use by itself or under foundation
-Plenty of healthy nutrients
-Hides pores
-Maintains hydration giving your face a healthy glow

-Price (worth it though!)

Body Perke
ct Gel

Perfekt Gel also make a Body Perfekt Gel which acts as an alternative self-bronzer and tanner. Apply all over arms, hands, legs, or decolletage to give yourself a healthy glow.
It contains Hyaluronic Filling Spheres which hydrate skin and help firm, tone, and improve your skin's elasticity. It is fast drying and most importantly, non streaking.

Available in 3 different shades
Brilliant - sun-kissed beige for light to medium skin
Golden -
warm tan for medium to deep bronze skin
- rich chocolate for dark bronze to deep skin

Eye Perfektion Gel
This product is perfect for the most delicate part of our face - our eyes. It can be used under the eye to cover up any dark circles that you may have or it can also act as an eyeshadow primer. It's filled with a light-reflecting tint that will give you the effect of brightness that will minimalize the look of tired eyes.

Available in 4 different shades including a translucent shade for every skin tone
Awake - colorless/for all skin tones
- sheer light neutral/for fair skin tones

Refreshed - sheer medium beige/for fair to medium skin
Vibrant - sheer warm tan/for the look of healthy tanned skin

Available at and

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MAC's Mineralized loose foundation review - MUST HAVE!

Available in 9 different shades

Light - Neutral pale ivory
Light Medium
- Neutral light beige
- Beige
Medium Plus
- Tan Beige
Medium Dark
- Rich Tan
Medium Deep
- Deep golden orange tan
- Caramel
Deep Dark
- Deep Caramel
Deeper Dark
- Milk chocolate

I have to admit that even though this foundation has been out for awhile, I never tried it until the late summer of last year. I was more than surprised when I finally purchased this product. I went to a MAC store associate and complained about my liquid foundation that never blended to my liking and she matched me to Medium-Medium Plus shades. I have slight tan/olive skintones. I made the switch from liquid foundation to this and couldn't be more happy. This product gives low to medium coverage and since it is buildable, you are able to apply until you are happy with the coverage that you desire. Almost everyone says they absolutely hate the sponge applicator that it comes with and would rather just use a flat-top brush or kabuki, but to me personally, both flat-top and sponge applicator work equally as good - at least on my face. This mineralized loose foundation has SPF 15 which is essential protection from the sun and glides on smoothly and gives that natural and radiant look.

I will never use any other foundation on my face! My only exception is if MAC releases another powdered/mineralized foundation that works even better, but you can't perfect perfection. If you aren't a big fan of powdered foundation, liquid Mineralized Satinfinish SPF 15 foundation is an excellent choice as well. Both products bring a smooth, natural looking finish. The liquid comes in 15 different shades so there is a little more variety with this foundation. But overall, both do exactly what they promise!

Visit to order online! Currently they are offering FREE standard shipping with any (USD) $60 purchase. It will be automatically added to your items at the checkout. Only valid in US/CAN addresses. I'm not too sure how long this offer will last so please take advantage of this deal!

If you are having a problem matching your skintone to the shades online, don't hesistate to go into a MAC store near you to have an associate match it for you. If possible, go in without any foundation on so he/she can match the best shade to your skintone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Upcoming MAC Collections and release dates


MAC Hello Kitty Kouture Collection - March 09

The ultra-luxe way to be pampered and playful, Hello Kitty Kouture has arrived! Announcing our limited-edition, glittering Swarovski crystal compacts, the collection privé of Kitty Kouture world! Two new Dazzleglass with Swarovski crystal charms and three Sheer Mystery Powders manage to be both darling, dramatic – and a little bit dangerous – all at the same time. The ultimate in exclusivity, with M·A·C Hello Kitty Kouture, a sophisticated client’s social status is all but assured!

Dazzleglass ($28.00)

Kitty Kouture Sheer pale pink with red and gold pearl

Dazzlepuss Sheer bright pink with red and blue pearl

Sheer Mystery Powder ($90.00)

Light Medium Pale ivory

Medium Plus Tan beige

Dark Secret Deep caramel

Available in North America March 5th, 2009 at all M·A·C Retail Stores, Nordstrom, 1.800.588.0070 and

MAC Creme Team Lipstick Collection - March 09

Lipstick - $14.00USD

Creme Cup - Light blue pink (Limited Edition)
Shy Girl - Coral beige (Limited Edition)
Crosswires - Pinky orange (Permanent)
Lickable - Clean bue pink (Limited Edition)
Lavender Whip - Lavender (Limited Edition)
Creme in Your Coffee - Mid-tone brown (Limited Edition)
Hang Up - Deep berry (Permanent)

Cremesheen Glass - Price and Limited Edition/Perm status TBD

Ever so Rich
Fashion Scoop
Boy Bait
Partial to Pink
Melt in your Mouth
Petite Indulgence
Creme Anglaise
Looks like Sin

Cremestick Liner (Permanent) - $14.50USD

Sublime Culture - Pink/caramel fusion
Pink Treat - Dirty Pink
Caramellow - Neutral caramel
Velvetella - Blackened plum

MAC Double Dazzle Double Lash Collection - May 09

The picture is awesome and I cannot wait for this be available in stores
in May 2009. It's a long wait, but it's worth it right?

MAC Honey Products - June 09

This promo shot is sooo hot!
MAC is going to be releasing honey-scented body products in June.

It will include a lip balm and a salve, among many others!

Watch out for many more

3/19 - VG6 Special Edition Refresh
4/2 - Color Ready
4/23 - A Rose Romance
5/28 - Style Warriors
7/9 - Electro Flash Anniversay (can't wait for this one)

A big thank you to:


I think I will go broke from all of this!!
^^ not a good thing lol

MAC + Hello Kitty = AMAZING Collection!




When you put these two together, what do you get?


I am absolutely excited for this collection, I definitely love MAC and I REALLY love Hello Kitty. So whoever thought to put these two companies together, is genius!

The line will arrive on MAC’s web site Feb. 10, in stores on Feb. 12.

1 month and counting until the day arrives! I will try to add more pictures and prices soon.


Lipstick ($14.50)
Fashion Mews Sheer pale lavender
Strayin' Frosty
midtone pink
Most Popular Sheer
deep berry

Lipstick ($14.50)

Cute Ster Sheer peachy pink with pearl

Big Bow Sheer bright intense blue pink

Fresh Brew Creamed Coffee

Lipglass ( $14.00 )

Nice Kitty Sheer neon pink with blue pearl

Mimmy Light creamy pink with pink and gold pearl

Fast Friends Sheer bright intense purple with pearl

Lipglass ($14.00)

She Loves Candy Pale
blue pink with gold pearl

Nice To Be Nice
Sheer bright intense orange with pearl

Sweet Strawberry Sheer berry with blue pearl
blue pink with gold pearl

Eyeshadow x4: Too Dolly ($38.50 each )

Too Dolly Frosty midtone mint

Stately Black Rich blue with silver sparkle

Yogurt Soft pale pink

Romping Rich magenta with pink pearl

Eyeshadow x 4: Lucky Tom ($38.50)

Stylin Midtone violet blue with multi-dimensional pearl

Lucky Tom Dark charcoal brown with gold pearl

Creme Royale Yellow wheast gold

Paradisco Soft bright pinky coral with golden shimmer

Pigment ( $19.50 )

Milk Frosty pale silvery pink

Deep Blue Green Rich deep bluish green

Reflects Glitter ($17.50)

Reflects Blue sparkling blue

Reflects Very Pink Sparkling fuchsia pink

Glitter Eye Liner ($16.50)

Her Glitz Blackened gold with multi-dimensional glitter

Glitterpuss Orangey bronze with multi-dimensional glitter

Kitty Power Pink with multi-dimensional glitter

Girl Groove clear/white teal reflects and with multi-dimensional glitter

Beauty Powder ($22.00)

Tahitian Sand Soft coral peach

Pretty Baby Soft sunny pink with gold

Beauty Powder Blush ($18.00)

Fun & Games Soft orange peach

Tippy midtone blue pink

Tinted Lip Conditioner ( $14.50)

Pink Fish Soft neutral pink

Popster Lively coral pink

Nail Lacquer ($11.00)

Something About Pink Blue pink fuchsia

On the Prowl light creamy grey

Vestral White creamy white

Brand New Year...Brand New Blog

First post ever! I feel like I am the only one in the world without a blog. I have been following a handful of ladies who have made blogs about cosmetics and have absolutely loved reading their posts. So many handy tips, tricks, and more. I've been wanting to blog for a while now, I'm getting more and more into cosmetics and would love to share my ideas, reviews, likes, dislikes, and anything else that is caught to my attention.

I would absolutely love to
hear from you guy's whoever may read this, and please feel free to email me at this address:

Let the blogging begin =)

♥ Bailey