Friday, January 16, 2009

Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel - Must Have!

Perfekt Gel
I first used this when I received it as a free sample with my Sephora order - I'm hooked. My daily regimen before I apply my make-up consists of moisturizer, perfekt gel, then my MAC mineralized loose foundation. This gel acts as a low-medium skin perfector, best described as giving you an airbrushed look. After I am done applying my make-up I am in awe! It only takes an extremely small amount to apply all over the face, I'd say the size of a dime or less is more than enough. It's an all-in-one product that consists of vitamins A and E which are essential nutrients for your face, it is also sweat-resistant and water-resistant. The one thing that I loved is that it had NO fragrances. When it comes to face creams/moisturizers/foundation, I absolutely hate when I put it on and all I can smell is the fragrances. Not my favorite, but in the end I am loving this product and would recommend it.

Available in 5 different shades including a translucent for all skin types
Translucent - colorless/for all skin tones
Luminous - very light neutral/for fair skin tones
Radiant - medium beige/for fair to medium skin tones
Rich - warm tan/for the look of healthy tanned skin
Decadent - deep tan/doubles as a bronzer for lighter skintones

-Good product to use by itself or under foundation
-Plenty of healthy nutrients
-Hides pores
-Maintains hydration giving your face a healthy glow

-Price (worth it though!)

Body Perke
ct Gel

Perfekt Gel also make a Body Perfekt Gel which acts as an alternative self-bronzer and tanner. Apply all over arms, hands, legs, or decolletage to give yourself a healthy glow.
It contains Hyaluronic Filling Spheres which hydrate skin and help firm, tone, and improve your skin's elasticity. It is fast drying and most importantly, non streaking.

Available in 3 different shades
Brilliant - sun-kissed beige for light to medium skin
Golden -
warm tan for medium to deep bronze skin
- rich chocolate for dark bronze to deep skin

Eye Perfektion Gel
This product is perfect for the most delicate part of our face - our eyes. It can be used under the eye to cover up any dark circles that you may have or it can also act as an eyeshadow primer. It's filled with a light-reflecting tint that will give you the effect of brightness that will minimalize the look of tired eyes.

Available in 4 different shades including a translucent shade for every skin tone
Awake - colorless/for all skin tones
- sheer light neutral/for fair skin tones

Refreshed - sheer medium beige/for fair to medium skin
Vibrant - sheer warm tan/for the look of healthy tanned skin

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