Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some of my favorite products at the moment

Hope In A Jar - Philosophy
Available at: Sephora, philosophy
Price: $15 - 0.5oz, $30 - 2.0oz, $60 - 4oz

I received this from my aunt along with other philosophy products. At first I wasn't too crazy about this, but the more and more I used it, the more I loved it. After using it for a few weeks I could definitely tell a difference in the smoothness in my face that wasn't there beforehand! It is full of antioxidants that helps reduce environmental damage, has plenty of vitamin A and E which help softens and increases the elasticity in the skin. I use this so much that I am almost out, I recommend anyone who has dry skin to use this. I'm a swimmer and the chlorine dries my skin horribly so I use this every time I get out of the pool, if you swim year round on a team or just on your own, pick this up!

Sugar Lip Treatment SPF - Fresh
Available at: Sephora, Fr
Price: $22.50 - 0.15oz

I am EXTREMELY excited to tell you guy's about this product! My lips get really chapped during the winter and I have never found anything that would really work for me. I've spent around $200 on lip treatments in the past year probably, I have a drawer FULL of lip balms that have no effect on my lips at all - such a waste! I try to find SPF when buying make-up, moisturizers, lotions, ANYTHING and I was so happy to find that this has SPF 15. This smells SOO good, it keeps my lips so moisturized and unlike other brands, it stays on for quite a while! I find that I only reapply this only 1-2 times a day which is so much less than what i'm used to. It has vitamins A , C, and E which help keep your lips from drying and so much more. I'm especially loving Vitamin E because it acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect essential fatty acids and prevent cracking of lips. It is a tad pricey at $22.50, I wish they would lower it but we all know that it will NEVER happen! Also, it does tend to melt more than other lip treatments so do NOT keep this in your pockets, keep it in your purse or make-up bag!

Frederic Fekkai Technician Shampoo/Conditioner for Dry, Damaged, Colored-Treated hair
Available at: Sephora, Frederic Fekkai, Nordstrom, ULTA, Fred Segal, Neiman Marcus, Macy's
Price: $23 - 8z, $35 - 16oz, $59 - 32oz (32oz size online only)

I have a confession! I totally admit to printing off pictures from and placing little Frederic Fekkai shampoos/conditioners around my boyfriends house hinting that I wanted these just before he went out Christmas shopping =)! I posted them on his mirror in his bathroom, by his car keys, and on his refrigerator - SO shameful. But on Christmas morning, I opened a box and to my surprise, my "hard work" paid off! I was so happy when I opened these gorgeous peach and pink bottles of amazing-ness. This made my hair so smooth and shiny, it helps to restore moisturizer and at the same time it strengthens every strand. It has apricot, avocado, calendula, and peach which provide extra moisturize and softness. I'm so glad that I have these, I'm not sure if I will buy these when I run out, ONLY because I love trying new products, but I have to say that I am loving these and have awhile before these are gone because I only have to use a little amount of shampoo and conditioner.


  1. I flippen love your product don't babble and ramble. Good writing, and all the info I want. Your blog is super cute! How did you like the other philosophy products? I've been considering that line for a while...

  2. Hii Kastina! Thank you for your kind words =) you're very sweet. I also got 5 bottles of the shampoo/body wash bottles - green apple, pumpkin pie, candy cane, and sherbet. I wouldn't use them as shampoo because I already had products to use for my hair, but they are amazing as body washes. They smell so good lol the next time I showered after I could always smell whatever I had used before. They have little recipes on the bottles, it's cute idea. What were you thinking of trying first?

  3. I mean I got 4 bottles of body wash! LOL I can't count =(