Friday, March 13, 2009

Another little haul today

Hellooooo gorgeous!

Today is FRIDAY finally! The week went by really fast for me and I'm very thankful! I stopped at the mall for a few things on the way home and I was excited to share with you so here we go!

I am inlove with this little coin purse/card holder, this picture does not do it justice at all. It's a light tan color with little silver shimmers all over it. I will love this forever! My sister and I have this little joke where if we buy a new purse/wallet from Coach, we always send a picture taken from our cell phones with the headline, "There's a new addition to the family" or something dumb like that. We're nerds for life hahaha.

Not gonna lie, went to MAC specifically for the HK bag lol. I HAD to buy something from the Hello Kitty collection in order to get it and to be honest, I wasn't all that impressed with half of the collection. I do have the brush set which is cute and the Pink Fish Lip Conditioner was sold out, so I just bought a lipglass - but I really like the color so it worked out.

I bought Mimmy Lipglass and I was going to do a swatch of this color but it is pretty sheer so it barely showed up. Once you add a couple layers of it on your lips, the color starts to show up and it's amazing looking!

Of course as I'm sure you all know, the Grand Duos collection released yesterday and inperson, only a couple impressed me. The first was Light Over Dark, and the one above, Moon River. I was looking for a powder that could give my cheeks a glowy, dewey look and this does it for me. The marbelized color ontop is SO pretty - it has swirls of pink, white, green, and purple. Gorgeous! The bottom is a lovely color of a light rosey pink. I think I am going to go back for more because I can't
let this disappear!!

So the top part is the marbelized color and the bottom is the solid color. The top looks white because of the flash from my camera, but it is really sheer and I promise you won't have a white smear on your cheek when you apply lol. ALSO! Excuse my battle wounds! When my cat plays around she grabs my hand with her paws and "lightly" uses her nails to get grip and then rubs her head against my hand haha she's a very loving cat I promise!

To end this little haul, I bought some brush cleaner because my brushes are in desperate need of a deep clean! I've never tried MAC's cleaner so I'll let you know how I like it.

The End!


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  1. "Battle wounds" haha. I call my scars that too. lol! & cute coin baggy ^^ I should get one since I have a coupon they sent me that will expire soon :S

    I think that the brush cleanser is pretty good. I keep some on those small spray bottles and spritz it on my brushes for quick cleaning. :0)

    Great haul<33!!