Saturday, February 28, 2009

BIG apology!

Wow I have been pretty much MIA on my blog and I apologize to you who read =(

Everything is okay, just extremely busy with work and I lost my wi-fi internet for a couple days lol grrr.
BUT! I went shopping tonight at my mall and bought a lot so I want to do a haul post to share with you guy's what I bought, so look for that soon. Tomorrow I have a friends birthday party downtown Seattle so I won't be able to post it but hopefully Sunday.

I also ordered GEO circle lenses about a month ago, they should be in my hands in 2 weeks so I will do a review on those as well.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend ladies!



If any of you have any MAC Hello Kitty brush set available at your local MAC/Nordstrom/Macy's store, please let me know, I will paypal you more than it is worth. I made the mistake of waiting and I have called more than 25 stores near me and they are all sold out =(. Pretty sure I will never get my hands on them, but hoping I can try one LAST time. Let me know =)


  1. I ordered GEO circle lenses too. Mine will be here at the end of March hopefully.

  2. OH from Allan at SGLenses? lol i'm way too anxious!!!