Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blushes - MAC vs. NARS?!

I am not quite sure which blush I love more. Unfortunately, I bought the MAC blush (Shy Beauty) at a Cosmetics Company Outlet store so I don't think it is available at a MAC store permanently but may still be available at your local CCO. The NARS blush (Orgasm) is a tad darker then Shy Beauty but both are a pink/pea
ch color with accents of golden shimmer. I am drawn to any light pink cosmetic with gold shimmer!!

The picture above shows that both blushes are pretty close in color. I did a little swatch for you guy's, and just to let you know, I did overdo it a little bit just to do this swatch. I bought the MAC powder for $13.50 but would have paid $18.00 if I had purchased it at a MAC store . NARS blushes are smaller by 1.5g and are $25.00, so it is a little more expensive which is a bit of a letdown but both colors are great!

Let me know if you guy's have these colors and tell me if you love them, hate them, whatever! I personally like Orgasm better just because Shy Beauty seems to flush my face a tiny bit since it is lighter, you can sort of tell by my swatch! I just love the glowy and shimmery look on my cheeks after I apply NARS on my face! Leave a comment below letting me know which color you prefer more!

OH HEY, it's my kitty =) lol she was bothering me while I was taking pictures for this blog post so I just took one of her meowing at me for 10 minutes straight.



  1. Lovely kitty! She reminds me of Bewitched, lol. :] What's her name?

    NARS orgasm looks so pretty, but I hear it doesn't go on well on tan skin. :( I opted for deep throat and it's so lovely! I love peachy blushers. :D

  2. I really like NARS Orgasm but I actually agree with the previous comment that Deep Throat is realy lovely. It interests me that I have very pale skin (not tan at all) and Deep Throat still looks better on me than Orgasm does.

    Your cat is adorable!